{New Directions: The First Draft (Music from the TV Show) was an EP released by Columbia Records as a tester to see how well audiences would react to a new cast, and new music, and was made for the television program being developed at the time, though that idea was scrapped. Based on projections being set at 1,000, the expectations were not that high. The soundtrack opened at #121 on the charts with just under 700 copies sold. Cast members on the disk include a variety of singers, though actors present in the movie were mostly absent, with notable absences being Conny Lee and Niall Horan. Most actors from the original Glee series also did not feature vocals, with just Alex Newell and Becca Tobin officially singing records for the track.


Comercial PerformanceEdit

After it debuted at #121 with approximately 700 copies sold, the next week the album fell to #126 with exactly 623 copies sold. The next week it fell to #162 with 200 copies, seeing a 60% decline in sales, and the next week it received a 16% decline to just under 170 copies, but managed to sty at #162. In it's fourth and best week on the chart, it reached #119 with 713 copies sold. The next week it took the biggest fall, going from #119 to #192, with a 80% decline in sales, achieving slightly under 120 copies. It dropped off the charts the next week. After the movie got international recognition, the movie rose back up to a new peak of #109 with 900 copies sold.